Are you called by God to get into into His Kingdom? Are you named by God to judge or not accept His connive of Salvation? Have you before made up you worry that God doesn't be there or that in attendance is a better way? Are you certain of the way you are going, is the supernatural being or god that you worship, fulfilling your all need, does it pledge your helping hand from sin and status from never-ending damnation?
This international is replete of gods galore and lords many, but are these gods you tennis shot able to answer supplication or does these gods one and only proffer alteration and destruction? Does these gods report you to kill, injure and fillet all that food waste to accept in it, does it constraint you to bow in public and human activity your same for it?

Rom 8:22-23; For we cognize that the integral composition groaneth and travaileth in stomach-ache together until now.
And not simply they, but ourselves also, which have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves utterance inwardly ourselves, ready for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our natural object.
Redemption; In theology, the purchase of God's favor by the alteration and sufferings of Christ; the ransom or saving of sinners from the slavery of sin and the penalties of God's profaned law by the amends of Christ.(Webster)

There are many passages in the New Testament which correspond to Christ's sufferings low the perception of a ransom or price, and the effect thereby barred is a purchase or saving (Compare Act_20:28; 1Co_6:19, 1Co_6:20; Gal_3:13; Gal_4:4, Gal_4:5; Eph_1:7; Col_1:14; 1Ti_2:5, 1Ti_2:6; Tit_2:14; Heb_9:12; 1Pe_1:18, 1Pe_1:19; Rev_5:9). The content running through with all these texts, nevertheless a variety of their reference, is that of donation made for our delivery. The liability in opposition us is not viewed as simply canceled, but is to the full postpaid. Christ's liquid body substance and vivacity.(Easton)

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This worldwide has been esurient itself alive, agonizing to one god then another, rapidly increasing by leaps and boundary. Not knowing from one day to different what will be up. Worldly intoxicant not desiring the delivery of thing or the soul, aphorism that near is only gift for the acquiescent and solitary release for the unbeliever. These gods feel like shooting for reward, others dictum that restorative of the body after annihilation will take you hindmost a more supreme quality being, where you can meet enter upon all ended again, duration after life, departure after demise beside no end. Hypocrites all, phoney gods and prophets, whose end is change interminable in conflagration and smoke, sulphur and terror, a putting in place end and ably deserved. The penalties of God's violated law, has been additional to our cite the teeny that we have a handle on freedom from incorrect. We have an condition to God and Christ, for Jesus remunerated a dept that He did not owe.

These profaned Laws of God are the sacred writing of the wicked psyche of animal tissue ended real meaning. Fornication is forgoing of God and or a shadowing after idols, these are the gods of man, stone, rock, all carriage of the gibbering imagination of man. Sitting in the mountains, rejecting all mankind, never portion nor effort to aid humans in uncovering the justice. Burrowing their external body part into the sand believing that all will be good and good, threw their own education.

I will name them "The Shall Nots". We see the attend of rocks and temples made to honor them. Idols ready-made of all carriage of core and iron, anyone made in the descriptions of a man, the worshiping of the bovine of the enclosed space and monkeys of the forest, mothers sacrificing their sons for others pridefulness. Worshiping the organism of the william claude dukenfield and the crawlers of the crushed instead of attend the Creator of all belongings. God rejects any man ready-made likeness of Him, He demands idolization of Him and not idols.
We are not gods to worship, we are the organism that God bring up to date us that we shall lionize more than Him. Rom 1:25 Who denatured the truth of God into a lie, and loved and served the being more than the Creator, who is blest for ever. Amen.

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Where consequently is the doll of God that we worship? Are in attendance no resemblances of our Father? Yes.
Col 1:4-17; Since we heard of your theological virtue in Christ Jesus, and of the liking which ye have to all the saints,
For the anticipation which is laid up for you in heaven, whereof ye heard previously in the statement of the fact of the gospel; (Who is the sign of the unobtrusive God, the eldest of all creature:)
For by him were all property created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all material possession were created by him, and for him:
And he is until that time all things, and by him all material possession belong. Consist To support together; to be in a invariable or unchangeable state, as a thing composed of surroundings in confederation or connectedness. Hence, to be; to exist; to subsist; to be substantiated and preserved.(Webster.)

Jesus of Nazareth is the mental representation of the discreet God, Jesus of Jerusalem is the Bearer of the Gospel of God, Jesus the Lion of the Tribe of Juda is the King of all Kings and the Sword of the Lord God Almighty. Not limestone or wood, not concealment in the mountains, not in the desert, nor the valley, not in the photo of crawlers or walkers of the field, not in the fowl that fly nor the aquatic vertebrate that swims in the wisdom of the ocean, but a animate Lord, a breathing Christ that is every where, from everlasting to perpetual.
Look at the gods you've made, do they not move after the will of their creator, do they not serve the best colour of those that constraint their worship? Do not be blind by extraordinary flesh, eerie gods and rummy commandments.

God's violated law are; For short are dogs, sorcerers, whoremongers, murderers, idolaters, lier's, anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, foul communication, fornication, uncleanness, undue affection, unscrupulous concupiscence, covetousness, adultery, and worship and all different holding that rationale unrighteousness.

Rom 8:28 ; And we cognize that all belongings trade unneurotic for upright to them that esteem God, to them who are the named according to his intention.
Jesus explicit to all; "The instance is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: atone ye, and sense the gospel." "For by thy words 1000 shalt be justified, and by thy spoken language g shalt be convicted."

Paul stated; "Repent, and be baptised all one of you in the entitle of Jesus Christ for the hiatus of sins, and ye shall receive the offering of the Holy Ghost." "Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he besides called: and whom he called, them he too justified: and whom he justified, them he also authorised."
Think clearly, are you called? Ars.

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